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Welcome Spring!

Today marks the official start of spring and also the start of the zodiac calendar. I just hung my latest project for first viewing in the morning light. I am delighted. Here is “Zodiac”.

St. Patrick’s Day 2020

unsun catchers

It’s storming (sort of) here in Saint John on March 17th. Monica and I are holed up in the house, with the fireplace on, watching the snow and reading the news as the world reels from COVID-19.

Saint Patrick, so it is said, drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Wish he could do the same with this virus! Here’s to your good health, my friends.

Perhaps some glass will lift the spirits. Here are six lovely ones I saw in the past year.

A Covered Bridge Story

Emotionally charged, technically challenging and artistically fulfilling, this latest project is installed in the home of our good fiend, Cindy West of Cornhill, NB.

For your viewing pleasure, may I present, A Covered Bridge Story.


230 Princess Street

I’m like a curious child now. Everytime we drive uptown lately, I want to make a pass by 230 Princess Street to see the latest installation; an entrance way panel over the door displaying the house numbers. What a wonderful memory I will always have of that late December morning; living my glass dreams with Monica by my side.

Here is the story of the making of 230 Princess Street

A Sussex Quartet of Stained Glass

Monica and I found ourselves in Sussex, NB on a snowy Sunday morning in early November. So what to do? I timed it perfectly to see four lovely churches each with surprising stained glass from both familiar and new-to-me artists. Click each image below to see all the windows in that church:

Trinity Anglican – old and new testament saints displayed in the clerestory windows

St. Mark’s Anglican – a stunning ‘In the Garden’ window from an unknown (to me) artist.

St. John’s United – a ‘Last Supper’ window plus new-to-me artists at Celtic Studios in Grand Bay, NB.

St. Paul’s United – Paul Blaney (Saint John) windows unlike any others I have seen from him before. Striking use of color!

A stained glass hat trick

For a quick stained glass fix, Monica and I took a Sunday morning drive to Oromocto and Gagetown to see three lovely churches; a Catholic, a United and an Anglican. We met some friendly church goers and discovered a new glass artist; R. Dietrich from C.P.I. Art Studio in Montreal. It was a wonderful fix, thank you.

Click each image below to see all the windows in that church.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic, Oromocto, NB

Oromocto United

St. John’s Anglican, Gagetown

A Milestone Passed

What a thrill to reach my 200th Church photographed and documented in my World Widows series of stained glass windows. St. James Anglican Cathedral in downtown Toronto, Ontario is a gothic beauty. My new cellphone wallpaper is the little trifoil window from this church 😀