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Springtime in the Studio

This week, Nellyglass Studio expanded with the addition of a new glass storage unit and a proper light table both built by my friend Glenn Ketchum (awesome carpenter). You cannot imagine how much this improves my handling of the glass; the storage unit allows me to see in a glance what inventory I’ve got in various colors and the light table let’s me see the grain and true colors in the glass. Both wonderful and long dreamed-of additions. Thank you, Glenn.



Stone Church in Saint John

Monica and I took a walk this morning around the Saint John uptown area. As luck would have it, we found the doors open to St. John’s (Stone Church) at the top of Germain Street. Build in 1824, it is one of the oldest Anglican churches in Canada and is so named for the gothic stone tracery. Inside is filled with stunningly beautiful stained glass on two levels; angels in the upper level windows and biblical stories in the lower level windows.

Here is the photo gallery of Stone Church (Taken with my phone camera so there is a bit of wash-out in some shots).

World Stained Glass Windows

As Monica and I are preparing for the “Road Trip of a Lifetime” to the United States in the near future, I am researching how best to organize my photos. I’ve always used (because it’s easy) and liked Google Photos and Google Albums. So to experiment, I’ve organized my previous photos of stained glass windows into albums organized by country and city. You will find the links to each album on my main menu under Gallery/World Windows. As I continue to travel (God willing) I will add to this list.

World Stained Glass Windows

Spring… Sun… Birds

On this very cold late March morning (-12C) the sun shone brightly into our living room and through the Schiffer Panel at an angle. The birds twinkled as if they were alive. It was lovely and worth sharing.

Saint John glass treasures

On this cold and beautiful Sunday morning in mid-March (2017), Monica and I did some church sightseeing to get a few window shots. We visited two of the city’s oldest and most beautiful; Trinity Anglican (uptown) rebuilt in 1881 after the Great Fire and Assumption Catholic (West side) built in 1842.

The sun was bright and the windows sparkled in all their glory. I was in heaven for a few minutes. Here are the highlights.

Celtic blood is stirring in late February

I can feel it. I’ve got the Celtic blood. Scottish and English by genetics as far as the family tree has been traced but Irish by heart so more than likely an ancient mix of all three.

This time of year especially invigorates me! For more reasons than one… some of which only Monica might know.

Nevertheless, having recently been to both Ireland and Scotland, the celtic designs are calling to me. Perhaps it be St. Patrick himself.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s two.

A glassy winter wonderland

Here it is, January 29, 2017 and we have grass showing through on the lawns… no snow. Strange winter but most folks are bracing for something still to come. We’re lucky here in the city. Outside of Saint John, the recent ice storm really put a lot of folks in the dark and cold for several days in some cases. However, today maybe a bit of promised sun will get Monica and I out for a walk.ready

I’ve been beating the winter blahs with some blogging (got some new dollar store glasses to try out) and getting lots of studio time, loving every minute. I recently completed a couple of sunflowers and am now working on some cardinals. All these birds and flowers have me yearning for spring. I can’t wait. Monica and I have a fun adventure planned if all goes well so stay tuned in April and May. Should be AMAZING!

Cheers and happy winter from Nellyglass Studio.

Old and new designs

Old and new designs

Flowers in waiting

Flowers in waiting


quatro cardinals

quatro cardinals