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230 Princess Street

I’m like a curious child now. Everytime we drive uptown lately, I want to make a pass by 230 Princess Street to see the latest installation; an entrance way panel over the door displaying the house numbers. What a wonderful memory I will always have of that late December morning; living my glass dreams with Monica by my side.

Here is the story of the making of 230 Princess Street

A Sussex Quartet of Stained Glass

Monica and I found ourselves in Sussex, NB on a snowy Sunday morning in early November. So what to do? I timed it perfectly to see four lovely churches each with surprising stained glass from both familiar and new-to-me artists. Click each image below to see all the windows in that church:

Trinity Anglican – old and new testament saints displayed in the clerestory windows

St. Mark’s Anglican – a stunning ‘In the Garden’ window from an unknown (to me) artist.

St. John’s United – a ‘Last Supper’ window plus new-to-me artists at Celtic Studios in Grand Bay, NB.

St. Paul’s United – Paul Blaney (Saint John) windows unlike any others I have seen from him before. Striking use of color!

A stained glass hat trick

For a quick stained glass fix, Monica and I took a Sunday morning drive to Oromocto and Gagetown to see three lovely churches; a Catholic, a United and an Anglican. We met some friendly church goers and discovered a new glass artist; R. Dietrich from C.P.I. Art Studio in Montreal. It was a wonderful fix, thank you.

Click each image below to see all the windows in that church.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic, Oromocto, NB

Oromocto United

St. John’s Anglican, Gagetown

A Milestone Passed

What a thrill to reach my 200th Church photographed and documented in my World Widows series of stained glass windows. St. James Anglican Cathedral in downtown Toronto, Ontario is a gothic beauty. My new cellphone wallpaper is the little trifoil window from this church 😀

Celtic callings

As the the late February sun slowly gains on the pits of winter, ancient rhythms begin to stir. I love the celtics… they stir deeply.

Depression Glass Thistle


A cute likeness of a cute pet

Late in 2018, I had the awesome opportunity to test my skills for the first time at a making a stained glass pet portrait… of Bizzy, a beautiful little French Bulldog. I was glad the panel turned out nice but the real joy was when I delivered it and got to meet the real thing! Read the story of Bizzy, a Pet’s Portrait

Where Art meets Science

The Design phase of a project is my favorite, hands down! It is here that left and right brain work together to produce a pattern. I love the geometry of drawing angles and circles, using intersecting lines to define the shapes of the glass pieces (left brain). I also love how an image evolves on the page as I call on past memories to envision my topic (right brain). All this to say I find designing very very satisfying.