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A Milestone Passed

What a thrill to reach my 200th Church photographed and documented in my World Widows series of stained glass windows. St. James Anglican Cathedral in downtown Toronto, Ontario is a gothic beauty. My new cellphone wallpaper is the little trifoil window from this church 😀

Celtic callings

As the the late February sun slowly gains on the pits of winter, ancient rhythms begin to stir. I love the celtics… they stir deeply.

Depression Glass Thistle


A cute likeness of a cute pet

Late in 2018, I had the awesome opportunity to test my skills for the first time at a making a stained glass pet portrait… of Bizzy, a beautiful little French Bulldog. I was glad the panel turned out nice but the real joy was when I delivered it and got to meet the real thing! Read the story of Bizzy, a Pet’s Portrait

Where Art meets Science

The Design phase of a project is my favorite, hands down! It is here that left and right brain work together to produce a pattern. I love the geometry of drawing angles and circles, using intersecting lines to define the shapes of the glass pieces (left brain). I also love how an image evolves on the page as I call on past memories to envision my topic (right brain). All this to say I find designing very very satisfying.

15-Panel Oak Door

I just finished a wonderful project in time for Christmas… a 15-panel oak door with a glass mural depicting oak leaves caught up in a wind swirl. It was a delight artistically and a pleasure socially to make this for Rod and Sandra St. Coeur of Saint John. You can read the full story with photos of the making of the 15-Panel Oak Door.

A Starry Night – Part II

What a wonderful learning experience: two very different mosaic techniques to achieve the same end result… and here is the person who made it all happen from start to finish… read the conclusion to A Starry Night Garden Bench

Mosaic Monnie

A Starry Night in the Garden

I just finished a delightful garden project with Monica’s help and support. Our new garden bench brings together stained glass and one of our favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh. Here is the full story to the making of ‘A Starry Night Garden Bench‘.