Me: Nelson Alward (Nelly), owner and sole proprietor of Nellyglass Studio. I live in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, and I’m married to my soul mate, Monica; Nellyglass business manager, travel twin, wonderful mother and amazing cook.

I started doing stained glass in 2002 when Monica bought me a 10-hour class for Christmas. I made a goldfinch suncatcher and was hooked. I love equally the artistic creativity and the technical hand skills behind stained glass.

A happy retirement from the education field in 2016 meant I could focus full-time on my craft and that’s when I officially opened…

My Work and This Web Site: photos of my work can be seen in the Gallery (see Menu). You can browse images by category.

Some projects have a story page which captures the full production with text and photos. These are also grouped by category and are found on the home page.

the Archived Posts (see Menu): Monica and I love to travel around and keeping a journal is our way of remembering when, where and what we’ve experienced. All my posts eventually end up there as I only display the three most recent on the home page.