Wednesday Day 11 catamaran tour

Today we booked a catamaran and snorkel tour around St. Martin. There was a fresh breeze blowing from the west which is not the norm. That promised great sailing.

We were picked up at our hotel at 8:00 am and escorted to Bobby’s Marina where we boarded the Too Rhum Punch and met our captain, Guy, and our hostesses, Petra and Yasmine. Off we went out through the harbour, past the cruise ships and around the southern point of the island. How thrilling as we plunged through the surf. Hanging on tightly we dangled our feet over the side ever watchful for sea turtles.

As we made our was up the west coast, the rugged cliffs gave way to sandy beaches and hotel resorts. Our first stop was Tintamare Island for a snorkel and beach refreshments. The sand is golden and so fine. What a beautiful place. Uninhabited except for the sea birds.

Continuing on we sailed around the northern tip of St. Martin to Creole Rock where we snorkelled and saw beautiful tropical fish… It was very choppy and not great conditions for snorkelling… But Mon was very brave and held my hand tightly as we did venture out and saw many fish…my favorite is the little black and yellow Angel Fish. Alas no sea turtles… Yet!!!

We dropped anchor in Grand Case harbour … And swam in for lunch at Calmos Cafe… Yummy Mahi again. We sat with folks from Quebec.

After lunch, more rum punch and a terrific sail around the island to La Somana for a swim stop.. A rain shower didn’t dampen our spirits, as the bar was always open. Very rough and exhilarating sail back to Philipsburg.

On the  way home  I saw 2 sea turtles 😄

Back to the hotel… Quick change and off to Greenhouse restaurant (we were here once 2 years ago on a cruise stop) … Crusted goat cheese salad for me and Mon had the special.. Alaskan King Crab… So yummy!

The end to a wonderful day… Early to bed tonight…could still feel the tossing of the boat on the waves.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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