Thursday Day 5 Nevis: 3 plantations and 3 beaches

We were up at 4:30 thanks to the local roosters who start crowing at 3:00 am and go till 3:00 pm. What to do? With the full moon shining, we decided to take a drive around the island to get our bearings. Note: watch out for wild life in the road (donkeys, monkeys, goats and cows). The roads are very narrow and twisty and people here drive on the left like in England. So nerve wracking!

It only took us an hour to drive the perimeter and it was still dark when we got back. So off we went into Charlestown to the hot springs at the Bath Hotel. We weren’t the first ones there. A few locals (some nude) were enjoying the therapeutic hot waters. And so did we.

As the sun was coming up we headed back to the villa and stopped at Paradise Beach for a swim. We had the whole beach to ourselves. How wonderful is that? This would be the case on several beachs this week. Nevis is not commercialized in any way.

Back to the villa for breakfast and then off we go. We began with a drive up through Cotton Ground and first stop was at the Hermitage Plantation resort, an old sugar plantation transformed into ginger bread cottages. Real cute.

Next to the Mont Pellier Plantation resort where we made dinner reservations for tomorrow night. The locals tell us this is THE place for a romantic dinner. The grounds are stunning and the old sugar mill is now part of the restaurant… That’s where we asked to be seated. This is the wedding site of Lord Horatio Nelson and Fanny Nesbit in 1787.

Carrying on, next destination is Windward Beach on the south coast of Nevis. Driving there we passed another sugar plantation ruin (don’t know how many there are on this island but it’s a lot). Arriving at the beach, we were the only ones there much to our delight. Beautiful white sand with lots of sea shells to pick. Also a great view of Nelson’s Lookout where we were yesterday.

Leaving the beach, we arrived next at Golden Rock plantation with its orange themed decor and exquisite grounds. Some of the biggest leaves I have ever seen.

Next stop, Herbert’s Beach on the north of the island. Getting there we passed the Medical School of the Americas. Arriving at the beach just about blew us away. We were the only ones there (imagine) and this beach is excellent for snorkelling. We had such a great swim. I found several conch shells in only 5 feet of water. Did I mention the water is crystal clear!

Time for lunch? How about Mexican to go. Dos Gringos is on the way back to the villa so we grabbed some enchiladas and headed for the deck. A beautiful afternoon relaxing and sipping strawberry daquaris.

After a little rest, we got dressed and headed for Lime Bar & Restaurant on Pinney’s Beach. Cocktails included a marguarita for Mon and a cocotini for me. Our waitress, Jack, invented it. She swirls the martini glass with a drop of coconut rum and then dumps that out before adding the gin. That’s it… And sooooo good! The restaurant chef, Collis, visited us during cocktails for a chat. He is interesting and his love for cooking really shows.

After drinks, we took a stroll up the beach to the Four Seasons to watch the sun set. Then back to Lime’s for dinner. We had conch fritters for appetizer and I had the grilled Mahi Mahi and Monica had the curried shrimp. Mmmm. Then home for a night cap and to bed with sweet dreams… Until 3:00 when the roosters start again.

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