U.S.A. 2017

31 – Cleveland OH to Rochester NY

This was an 8.5 hr travel day that took us across three states (Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York) and into three remarkable churches.

First stop was downtown Cleveland to visit two churches. Monica skillfully navigated me through morning traffic and onto a parking spot on Euclid Ave. From there we walked 2 miles along Euclid to Public Square. Along the way we passed through Playhouse Square with its fantastic and world’s largest crystal chandelier which hangs over the street. The morning sun was in the perfect sky for a light spectrum show as we walked past it. A million shrads of every-colored light sparkled in our eyes. The camera cannot show the brillance but it was amazing!

At Public Square, we visited Old Stone Church, Cleveland’s oldest building dating to 1820 when Cleveland was nothing more than a village of a couple hundred people. Here we saw four Tiffany windows, a John Lafarge window and several other windows. Spectacular!

On the walk back to the car, we visited Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Dark and brooding in comparrison. The windows in the nave are all single windows while the transept and apse windows are giant composition windows. There are many windows in this cathedral and I posted only a few here. For all photos go to Gallery/World Windows.

Leaving Cleveland, we travelled east into the beautiful rolling hills of northern Pennsylvania to the town of Franklin. Here we visited St. John’s Episcopal church and saw truly the most beautiful church yet on our travels. I had researched these Tiffany windows and knew what to expect but was not prepared for the magnificence inside. Eight triptych windows in the nave, Jesus and the four Evangelists in the apse and a huge rose window in the west. Absolutely gorgeous and (hands down) my favorite church to date.

Then the final drive to Rochester, New York where we will cool the jets for a couple of days and enjoy the Finger Lakes wine district.

Here are the photo highlights of day 31 – Cleveland OH to Rochester NY

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