The Road Awaits

This spring, Monica and I are on a much anticipated road trip through Eastern Canada. We are planning five or six major stops between Saint John and Toronto to see the sights and experience the cultural glories of each city. We are also hopeful to connect with some family and friends along the way, some of whom we have not seen in nearly 40 years!

Each day, I will highlight our activities in bullet form followed by the day’s photo gallery.

Day 1:

  • Away at 7am with a breakfast pit stop in Woodstock
  • First stop: Edmundson at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception to see the stained glass by Italian/Canadian Guido Nincheri (dubbed the Canadian Michaelangelo) and his apprentice Matteo Martirano. I was so excited to see these. More from Nincheri later.
  • Next, to the town of Beaupre on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and lunch at the Beau Pre micro-brewery.
  • After lunch, to the beautiful Sainte Anne de Beaupre Basilica. The interior is covered with glass mosaics and filled with 250 stained glass windows by Frenchman Auguste Labouret (I have done work inspired by him… see “Art Deco Disconze”. A pilgrimage site in North America, this church’s most notable relic is the arm bone of Saint Anne.
  • Into Quebec City to find our Hotel le Concorde on Grand Allee. Great view from 20th floor room over the Plains of Abraham and Chateau Frontenac
  • Stroll through Old Quebec. Found some street art that Monica couldn’t pass-by. Also in search of food and wine, we found both at a little convenience store. Enjoyed both in our room as we watch the city lights twinkle below.

Here are today’s photos: Quebec City Arriving

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