13 – The Monuments and the American Art and Portraits Museum

The morning dawned beautiful and warm. I stepped outside early to breathe the air and enjoy the signature sounds of distance sirens and rap music 😐

Our final day in Washington was another marathon walking day covering 12 kms to see all the wonderful monuments around the National Mall; Jefferson, F.D. Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., the Korean War, Lincoln, the Vietnam War including the Three Soldiers and the Women of Vietnam statues, WWII, the Washington obelisk and finally the White House. All superb monuments and we could really sense the respect and emotions other people around us were showing.

After the White House, we stepped into the very small and historical New York Avenue Presbyterian church to see the Lincoln Window. This is where many past Presidents worshiped and notables like Martin Luther King Jr preached. The stained glass windows are modern and superb, especially the Lincoln Window. I was very glad for the chance to visit.

Lunch, at Ryan’s request, was at MacDonald’s… yes, I know!

The final stop for the day was the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and the National Portrait Gallery (same building). Four floors of notable American artists, thousands of art works, thoroughly enjoyable and very sore feet when finished. My most anticipated viewing was the beautiful stained glass peacock windows by John Lafarge. I’ve long admired them in books and online but to see them in person is beyond amazing. They are truly mesmerizing.

Supper was a relaxing meal back at the apartment where Monica made us steaks and salad. Yum!

Tomorrow we wrap up Washington and take Ryan to the airport with a couple of interesting stops on the way.

Here are the photo highlights of day 13 – The Monuments and the American Art and Portraits Museum

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2 thoughts on “13 – The Monuments and the American Art and Portraits Museum”

  1. I could have responded on each and every photo with the same words – amazing, incredible, beautiful … Wow.

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