A place where the light changes everything.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all… today we (Monica, Sarah, Mary-Ann and I) drove from Calgary down into Montana with destination Whitefish. To get there we chose “the Road to the Sun” drive through Glacier National Park, over the mountains to Logan’s Pass and down the other side.

The views are spectacular as you would expect. The road is built on the side of the sheer mountain sides. Don’t look down…just look out at the immense beauty. Photos don’t give you the binocular effect to show the vastness and distance. So here is a short 360 degree video taken from the Logan’s Pass Visitor Center. http://youtu.be/Yitik-EHqPM

About half way down the other side of the mountain, a violent thunder and lightning storm ripped through, breaking trees and driving hail down on us. It was really spectacular but very nerve racking. Now I think we’ve seen just about everything.

Into Whitefish and found our hotel, then downtown for supper at the Craggy Range Bar & Grill. I had the rare tuna steak – so delicious. Tomorrow we will explore Whitefish before heading back to Calgary.

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  1. So enjoying the journals,& pics

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