U.S.A. 2017

1 – Portland

A new adventure begins. Monica and I are on a road trip to see the north eastern United States. We will travel as far south as Charleston (South Carolina), then west to Kansas City (Missouri), then north to Des Moines (Iowa) and finally east along the northern states to home. There will be lots of stops along the way to see some pretty fantastic things.

Today we made it as far as Portland and enjoyed a walk about the city on this gorgeous spring day. Temps hit the high teens while the flowers were sprouting and birds were chirping. Some folks were parading about with clothing way too scant for the temperature but they seemed delighted to be catching a few rays.

We saw our first anti-Trump demonstration in front of city hall. They did not seem cheerful in their chanting… something about not willing to pay for Trump Tower. Very interesting!

On a lighter note, we also saw two churches (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and St. Luke’s), a blacksmith demonstration in the park and had a great lunch at El Rayo Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow it’s up and away early as we make our way to Newport Rhode Island.

Here is today’s photo gallery. 1- Portland

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