Europe 2016

One more sleep…perchance to dream

… and tomorrow we fly to Europe for the trip of a lifetime. What a way to enjoy spring! Although Saint John is absolutely beautiful today with the puschkinias and other spring bulbs perfuming the air ready for spring, Monica and I along with our son, Ryan, are about to experience a completely different spring across the Atlantic in France, Italy and Spain. My camera is packed, my clothes are packed, and I’m ready to point and shoot till my finger falls off and blog our adventure. We only wish our daughter, Sarah, could be with us. But she will be following us here on my site (along with you too, hopefully) as we journey to far away places and times. Miss you already, Sarah. wp-1463094872330.jpg

First up will be Paris, and teasing Ryan all the way there will be half the fun. Stay tuned. I may not get a blog post out every day but I should at least be able to record every city.

One more sleep….


6 replies on “One more sleep…perchance to dream”

Enjoy your trip, as usual when you are travelling, I will read your blog and enjoy the sites through your eyes and comments

Have a great trip Nelson, Monica and Ryan….I am already excited and you haven’t even left yet!! Looking forwards to the postings…thanks for sharing! 🙂

Oh can’t wait for the blog of your adventures. Wonderful that Ryan will be joining you. Looking forward to your lovely words and photos. 😀

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