Caribbean 2015

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday St. Martin

Sunday morning we bade farewell and a heart felt thank you to Mala and Gopaul as we left Nevis on the ferry to St. Kitts to catch our flight to St. Martin. We wished we could have stayed longer. What a beautiful island. So undiscovered by the hoards of tourists. So peaceful. All that was about to change in a big way.

Arrived in Philipsburg before our room at the Holland House Hotel was ready so we had time to kill (like that hasn’t been what we’ve been doing for the past week). We strolled the Boardwalk to the end of town and back. Beautiful beach! We had been here once on a cruise two years ago and I remember how gorgeous this beach is. Wide with that signature turquoise water. There were three cruise ships in port so the streets were quite busy as several thousand bargain seekers pushed and shouted in and out of the jewelry shops lining Front Street. Such a contrast from Nevis.

Finally, our room was ready. We unpacked and headed for the beach. Ahhhh. So nice.

For the next two days Monica did some morning shopping while I did some blogging to catch up on the past days. The Internet was down the entire time on Nevis and here in Philipsburg is equivalent to dial-up. So blogging amused me even at slow speed. Anything to avoid crowded streets.

Both afternoons were for the beach and the evenings were spent enjoying great food and strolling the Boardwalk to watch the sunset. The only time I ventured out in the morning was at 6:00 am Tuesday for a photo-shoot walk about town before hardly a soul was on the streets. Just me. And I loved that.

Enough laying around. Tomorrow we have an adventure planned.

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