3 – Seville: the Cathedral

Today was an incredible experience… we visited the third largest church in the world… Seville Cathedral. It is out of this world with ancient history and mystery. Dating to the 1200’s and built on an original Mosque site, it is way to large to capture in a single photo, and you could walk around it several times seeing something new each time. The highlights were the stained glass windows (of course), the 35 story giralda (bell tower) which Jake and I climbed, and the tomb of Christopher Columbus (magnificent). For all photos, see Gallery/World Windows.

After the cathedral, Monica and Maneau went shopping while Jake and I went on a craft brewery walking tour. Prices here are so reasonable compared to Canadian standards. However, after finding several of the bars closed, we are learning quickly that mid afternoon is siesta time and most establishments shut down for a couple of hours. So we shall do the same while in Spain.

After siesta, our evening was capped with the best meal of tapas and wine we have had so far. The food here is fantastic! Then a night-cap of Spanish made orange wine at a local bar famous for its flamenco… sadly, no flamenco tonight.

That’s it for Seville. Three days of eyes wide open, head swiveling, jaw dropping Spanish flamboyance. I loved it here. We will leave in the morning for southern Portugal but Seville will always be someplace I would love to return.

Here are the highlights of Day 3- Seville Cathedral.




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