Alberta – Day 6 Banff and Lake Louise

Today the four of us bade Stuart and Janice a heart-felt goodbye in Calgary, for a few days, and headed west toward the mountains.  What they say about the photos not doing it justice – is so totally correct. But that didn’t stop me. No siree.

A truly once in a lifetime memory trip with Monica, Ryan and Sarah through Banff via Sulphfur Mountain and the downtown, then on to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake and finished through Rocky Mountain House to Red Deer….I took every classic photo that millions before me have taken – and I loved every minute. Never-ending oohs and ahhs with smiles forever captured on film and in my heart. Remind me to tell you about the elk story sometime 🙂

Here is a montage of memories that I narrowed down the best I could. Picture titles will narrate the journey. Enjoy.

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