U.S.A. 2017

8 – Amish Country

Unfortunately, yesterday Monica had taken a wrong step on a sidewalk crack and badly twisted her ankle. It was very swollen and painful this morning so there wasn’t much walking involved today. However, she was good for a drive in the countryside but will will have to lay low for a couple of days so she can be ready for Washington on Monday.

Gentle showers fell all day which freshened the air and made the fields extra green. We headed for the back roads to get lost many times looking for covered bridges and antique stores. We did find both eventually and in between discoveries, thoroughly enjoyed seeing the farmers coming and going about their Saturday morning business with horse and buggy. We did a bit of shopping and actually bought a tent… that’s right, a tent! ($15 at K-Mart). That should be a hoot a little later on in the journey.

For the day’s entertainment, we caught the 11:00 show at the Amish Experience in Intercourse called “Jacob’s Choice”… an experiential movie shown on 5 screens all around the theater (sort of like I-Max except with real wind and rain and smoke) about a young Amish man who wrestles with his choice to leave home to go to college and play baseball or stay with his family and be baptised into the church and live the Amish life of his fore-father’s. It was very poignant yet uplifting at the same time. This experiential theater is supposedly one of only three like it in North America.

Dinner was hearty home-cookin’ at the Good and Plenty Restaurant just down the road from our hotel. Fried Chicken for Mon and Dutch Sampler for me (chicken, meat loaf and pork ‘n sauerkraut). Mmmmmm, very filling and only $10 each (gotta love that).

Tomorrow we head to Washington with a very special stop on the way.

Here are the photo highlights of day 8 – Amish Country

2 replies on “8 – Amish Country”

Lovely photos — actually, the rain gives a special freshness and brilliance to the photos…So sorry to hear about Mon’s misstep. Damm!

Can’t get over the fact that they paint their covered bridges; looks so strange to me. C’est dommage, Monica!!!

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