U.S.A. 2017

7 – Arriving Lancaster County

We left Philadelphia at 8:00 with a gentle rain falling and headed north west toward Lancaster County. Traffic was surprisingly heavy all the way. We pulled into a couple of towns along the way to get out and stretch our legs;

  • Pottstown – a bit dingy with an industrial feel but some beautiful churches (closed today)
  • Reading – as in Reading Railroad fame of the coal industry during the 1800s. City size, some interesting history here. We found a Chinese pagoda high up on the hill overlooking the city. Closed today… as were ALL the churches (sad face)
  • Bird In Hand – (funny name) which is in the heart of Amish farmland but has become a tourist trap of mass produced gift shops
  • Intercourse – (why they would call it that?, who knows) congested and commercialized with a main highway thoroughfare right through pristine farmland that draws the tourists
  • Lancaster – big city… we got groceries here and then got out as fast as we could
  • Ronks – here is where our hotel is located

Our hotel is The Old Amish Inn and out our window we have a lovely view of an Amish farm. That will do nicely.  As I write this, the window in our room is open and a warm breeze is bringing the smell of cow manure (I love that… coming from Havelock) and the sky is darkening with the threat of a thunder storm (I love that too).

Tomorrow, Mon and I will seek the back roads away from all this hubbub in search of authentic crafts and enjoy a more peaceful Amish experience.

Here are the photo highlights of day 7 – Arriving Lancaster County

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