Alberta – Day 14 Whitefish to Calgary and Home

This morning we shopped for a couple of hours in Whitefish. What a great “city” – although it really has more of a town feel. The shops are all different and interesting and art work abounds both in the shops and on the streets. The city is nestled at one end of Whitefish Lake. I’m assuming there are whitefish in this lake, judging from the sculpture downtown by the train station.

Leaving Whitefish, we traveled north to the Montana-BC border crossing at Roseville and then on to Fernie BC for a pit stop. Gorgeous mountains all around…I can’t stand it any more. The input overload is shutting down my brain. But wait, we’re not done yet.

Onward to the Crow’s Nest Pass between BC and Alberta. Here you will find breath taking and wind-swept vistas. This place is serene, unpopulated and beautiful. Gosh and golly-gee. Oh, but there’s more.

The final stop before the run to Calgary is Frank Slide. This is the site of a mountain rock slide that buried the town of Frank in 1903. Very humbling to see the rubble still laying there more than 100 years later…and knowing there is a ghost town under there. Now I think I’m ready to go home.

Back to Calgary to Stuart and Janice’s. Pizza and stories before bedtime. We are pooped and so that is a good sign we gave it everything we had. What a wonderful vacation. Many thanks to Stuart and Janice for their hospitality, way way above and beyond. Thanks also to Sarah and Mary-Ann for their hospitality in Red Deer.

The Alward Family Vacation is done for 2013. Thanks everyone for journeying along with us. God Bless.

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