Eastern Canada 2019

Trois Cathedrals in Trois Rivieres

A beautiful sunrise had us up early and ready to go. The destination today was just a 1.5 hour drive to the city of Trois Rivieres to see three amazing churches. I have posted just a sample of each in today’s photo gallery. For all photos, see Gallery/World Windows:

  • St. Jean Baptist Cathedral in the town of Nicolet just across the river from Trois Rivieres. Here we saw the gigantic and breathtaking window of St. Jean B. designed by local Nicolet artist, Jean-Paul Charland, and crafted at the Max Ingrand studios in France.
  • Sanctuary (basilica) Notre Dame du Cap on the eastern skirts of the city and set on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. We arrived just as 10 o’clock mass was starting so we spent the hour strolling around the park-like grounds. Inside, my jaw fell to the floor staring at the five large windows. My photos cannot possibly capture the grandeur. As the crowd dispersed, the deacons turned off the lights which allowed the windows to glow even brighter.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption in the downtown sector. Perhaps the most exquisite of the three churches today, it is filled with 125 Guido Nincheri windows of unsurpassed beauty. His work is so intricate and his figures have a fluid livliness. The nuns were just setting out the Eucharistic for the aternoon mass. Otherwise, we had the church all to ourselves.
  • Lunch was at O’Centro Pub and Grill. As we were waiting for food, Ryan called to wish his mother a Happy Mother’s Day and Sarah sent a text wishing the same. 😊 Good children!
  • Then to our hotel to relax and blog. It was a stellar day!

Here are the day’s photos: Trois Cathedrals in Trois Rivieres

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