Spain-Portugal 2018

4 – Ferragudo arriving

We were up early to catch the 9:30 bus from Seville to Faro (3 hrs) in Portugal’s Algarve region and then transferred to the train from Faro to Ferragudo (1hr)… a quaint fishing village and neighbour to the city of Portimao. Quiet and peaceful.

It was a long hot day of travelling and we were tired and hungry when we got there. All that was quickly forgotten when we walked into our apartment at the Villa Giavota Resort in Ferragudo. Just a step from 100 foot cliffs, this resort is composed of several apartments of sparkling white Adobe surrounded by exotic gardens. All the rooms open onto the terrace with stunning views of the ocean and across the harbour to Portimao.

The four of us immediately donned our bathing suits and headed for the resort swimming pool. Sooooo refreshing! After a swim, Jake and I strolled to the lighthouse to get some shots just as the afternoon sun was illuminating the entire coast and hills. Wow! I’m glad we will be staying here for the next five days.

Dinner was phenomenal at the resort restaurant called “Lux”. Known for its 5-star burgers, I had the double salmon burger; steamed and smoked salmon together. 😃 The restaurant owners are the chef and his wife, Carla, our server. They were wonderful and came to our table after we ate to chat and learn about us. How nice!

We do not have internet in our apartment, only in the reception area, so I am not sure if I can keep on schedule with my daily blog… we will see.

Here are the photo highlights of Day 4 – Ferragudo arriving.

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