The National Gallery of Canada

The day dawned with sunshine πŸ˜€

  • We checked out of our hotel, got in the car and headed to the Byward Market before 9am. There, we parked the car for the next four hours and set out on foot. Since the art gallery does not open until 10am, we had a calculated hour to fill in.
  • First visit was to Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica to see the stained glass by Guido Nincheri. We’ve seen alot of his work on this trip and are starting to see some repeat patterns but always something new as well. This church is exquisite with its starry-sky blue ceiling.
  • We strolled through Byward Market as the flower venders were just setting up their tables. The sunshine had everyone smiling.
  • We strolled through Major’s Hill Park for some postcard shots of Parlament Hill and to enjoy the tulips. They were smiling also with the sunshine.
  • Finally we spent 3 hours in the National Art Gallery perusing the collections, seeing work by many of our favorite artists and discovering some new ones. Fascinating! I took many photos for studying later.
  • By 1pm we were driving away from Ottawa toward Arnprior on the shores of the Ottawa River. There has been devastating flooding here this spring and the water is still disturbingly high.
  • We arrived at our friends, Doug and Nancy York, and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon chatting and enjoying the many bird species coming to their feeders. The Baltimore Orioles put on the brightest show with close competition from the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks.
  • Doug and Nancy prepared a savory meal of barbequed filet mingnon, baked potatoes and asperagus followed by limoncello mousse. We were totally spoiled and very appreciative for a home-cooked meal!
  • Bedtime was with the windows open. No big city sounds, just the wood frogs peeping. I love that!

Here are the day’s photos:Β The National Gallery of Canada

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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