U.S.A. 2017

3 – Arriving Philadelphia

A driving day from Newport to Philadelphia took us 5 hours including a wrong turn or two and some white knuckle moments through New York City. There was only one major stop in New London Conneticut to visit St. James Episcopal Church. We were toured through the sanctuary by Father Miner who gave us an excellent history of the church. The highlight was the four Tiffany windows among several others. The color and emotion in these windows is phenomenal. (See Gallery/World Windows for all photos). Tiffany (early 1900s) was one of the first glass artists to use the colors and textures in the glass to “paint” the picture, rather than use actual paints as had been done for centuries before him. The facial and other detailed features, however,  are painted in the traditional methods.

We arrived at Chestnut Hill, Germantown (north Philadelphia) at 4:00, found our apartment and were greeted by our hostess, Rachel. After chats and wine, Mon and I set out on foot to explore this beautiful upscale and artsy neighborhood. Trees and flowers blooming and 24 degrees… how lovely it is. Later we had a fantastic sushi dinner at Hokka Hokka and called it a day. Tomorrow we explore downtown Philly.

Here are the photo highlights of day 3- Arriving Philadelphia

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