U.S.A. 2017

17 – Charleston

Despite the forecast of a possible thunderstorm, we had sunny 28 degree weather all day with a strong easterly breeze that helped to blow off the stink.

We caught the bus downtown at 9:00 and spent the next 7 hours exploring the historic 350 year old streets of the city. What interesting history and fantastic architecture. The highlights of the day included:

  • Strolling past the Medical University of South Carolina and then through the campus of the College of Charleston…beautiful with its ancient moss-covered oak trees
  • The small and exquisite (plus air conditioned) Saint Mary of the Annunciation church – surprisingly beautiful windows
  • The huge and extremely exquisite Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
  • (my favorite) Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church (1750, oldest church in Charleston) – Tiffany windows. George Washington and Robert E. Lee worshiped here.
  • Strolling past the stately mansions along the waterfront
  • The Slave Market Museum – absolutely gut wrenching how the slaves were treated
  • The French Protestant Huguenot Church – oldest Huguenot church in America. Several US presidents are Huguenot descendents
  • The Dock Street Theater (1736) – rebuilt in the 1930s for $20 million and in use today
  • St. Philip’s Church (Anglican) – only one stained glass window. Almost as old as St. Michael’s
  • Charleston City Market – 3 blocks of artisans selling local crafts… the Gullah (southern Black) sweet grass baskets started at $100 … we decided not to get one. However, someone did get a nice hat for the Derby.
  • Dinner at Poogan’s Smokehouse – pulled pork with mac ‘n cheese for Mon and southern fried chicken with collard greens for Nelly. Really good!

Sounds like a busy day but everything is really close in Charleston and all within easy walking distance. Nevertheless, the heat had us tuckered out by 4:00 so it was home to relax at the hotel and take a refreshing dip in the pool. Tomorrow we head for the hills.

Here are the photo highlights of day 17 – Charleston

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