Exploring Old Quebec

The day dawned with the hope of sunshine. It tried really hard the rest of the day and almost made it through a few times. Very cold and breezy though. Then, at the end of the day as we strolled home after dessert, the sun burst through and lit up the city before us.

  • Monica and I took an early morning drive north of the city to Lac Beauport to find the hotel where we stayed on our honeymoon 35 years ago. Such wonderful memories!
  • Back to our hotel before 9am and set out on foot to explore the old city quarter
  • Watched as 20,000 marathon runners streamed noisily through the streets
  • Visit to the City Market (just opening and not busy during our visit)
  • Breakfast at Buffet de Antiquaire for yummy crepes
  • Stroll along quaint Rue Petit Champlain, oldest street in Canada.
  • Visit Notre Dame de Quebec Basilica- oldest church in Canada and has the only Holy Door in the Americas (opened once every 25 years)
  • Visit Chapelle des Urselines with its lovely guilded wood altar and colorful rose window
  • Strolled the Plains of Abraham back to our hotel for afternoon siesta
  • Dinner right next door to our hotel at La Cepas Spanish restaurant. So good! Wonderful ambiance.
  • After dinner stroll around the block to find dessert. We found it at Les Cousins on Rue Cartier. To die for… and I think we just might if we keep on eating like this.

Here are the day’s photos: Exploring Old Quebec

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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