Day 1 Saturday & Sunday in Montreal

Our 2015 winter vacation began with much anxiety due to several major weather systems all at once. We couldn’t get away from Saint John fast enough and almost didn’t amidst a 40cm blizzard on Saturday. Our flight made it out and (whew) and we arrived in Montreal with the entire day on Sunday to relax and explore the old part of the city.

Great restaurant at the Best Western Hotel. We enjoyed the pool and exercise room in the morning and then Monica’s brother Frank and his wife Pauline met us at noon and drove us around the old downtown area and dropped us off for some sight seeing. The highlight for me was visiting Notre Dame Basilica. Absolutely breath taking and a must see if you are here.

After a coffee and cookie to warm our freezing bodies (we were dressed for the Caribbean) we went back to Frank’s apartment. After a nice visit, they drove us back to our hotel and bid us Bon voyage. A nice supper and off to bed with sweet dreams of warm islands in the south.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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