20 – Cemetaries, Antiques and Museums

This is Thurby, the Thursday before the Derby. Normally there would be lots of social activities going on at Churchill Downs but it’s been raining hard all day so the crowd is somewhat subdued.

To pass the time today, we explored around Louisville a bit in our car. First we visited the Cavehill Cemetary (the rain held off perfectly as we coasted around this beautiful cemetary finding such notables gravesites as Muhammed Ali and Colonel Sanders. Some of the statues and monuments are very elaborate and some have stained glass. There is also a Comfederate/Union soldier section here as well.

Next we found an amazing Antique Mall with two floors and endless little rooms filled with treasures. What a great time. You could go around the place 20 times and find something different each time.

In the afternoon, we drove to Churchill Downs and visited the Derby Museum. Your visit starts in a theater with a huge 360 degree screen on which they give you an excellent 15 minute history of horse racing highlighting some of the famous winners of the past. Let me tell you, it is extremely emotional even for someone like me who is not a horse lover. I could tell Monica was floating on air.

Finally we drove out of the city to a nearby shopping mall where Mon found a colorful accent for her new hat and I found the most amazing bow tie. Can’t wait to show that off on Saturday.

Supper was at Applebee’S Restaurant for chicken and steak and then back to the Derby Camp ground to see if our tent had floated away. Happy to say our little $15 K-Mart tent is holding up so far but tonight we are blogging from the car and enjoying the country and rock and roll music mix from the camp ground disc jockey. Would you believe we are actually having fun. As I finish writing this, Pink Floyd is blaring over the loud speakers “Wish You Were Here”.

Here are the photo highlights of day 20 – Cemetaries, Antiques and Museums

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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