Eastern Canada 2019

Toronto to Aurora – a special day indeed

This day is definitely a highlight for me on this trip.

  • Mon and I were up and on the Go Train at 9 am to downtown Toronto. At Union Station, I had arranged to meet up with an old university chum, Sheila Sky. We hadn’t seen each other for 40 years! It was wonderful to see her and catch up on our lives. Alas, the time went so quickly and we had to leave but I will have the photo of us forever.
  • Back on the Go Train to Mississauga, into our car, and drove 15 minutes to Oakville on the shore of Lake Ontario. Here is located Appleby College. Marg’s grandson, Jack, attends this school and was participating on this day in a world expo school project. Mon and I met up with Marg and her daughter, Sandra, and headed to the gymnasium to enjoy all the students’ projects. Jack presented Singapore and really knew his facts.
  • Also on this campus, is the John Bell Chapel with several lovely stained glass windows, particularly the Kenojuak Ashevak window with the owl and arctic char. Stunning!
  • Mon and I said final goodbyes to Marg and Sandra and headed north to Aurora, stopping for quick bite at Chucks Roadhouse Grill.
  • We arrived in Aurora at 3 pm and found our destination. Ian and Sue Buchanan were our friends in Black’s Harbour back in the late 80’s. Ian and I worked together at Heritage Salmon and the four of us bonded, all of us being “from out of town”. Moving on, as people do, we lost touch for many years. It was incredible to see them again and catch up on lives. We would be their guests for two nights.

Here are to photo highlights of Toronto to Aurora – a special day indeed

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