U.S.A. 2017

19 – Arriving Louisville

Beautiful morning to drive over the spectacular Great Smokey Mountains National Park from Cherokee to Pigeon Forge. The views are breathtaking and the distance hills really do have a blue tinge to them… aptly named the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lots of turkeys.

We drove past Dolly World for the shots and carried on to Louisville and found our campground… the Derby Park Five Expo… and set up our tent. This place is red-neck central. Loud country music till 10:30pm, and real live entertainment this weekend…might get Mon up for a karaoke! Plus a flea market on site and all you can eat breakfast. Lots of RVs here but we are the only tent so far.

We are right at the end of the Louisville airport runway. Plus, the main thoroughfare into the city is 20 feet away.., you can really feel the Harley Davidsons when they roar past. Great fun!

We found a nice taxi driver, Paul, who took us downtown and picked us up later. Lovely city… especially at dark. There is a pedestrian only foot bridge over the Ohio River. It changes color continuously.  We strolled out on to it for some shots before home to bed in our tiny tent. The rain started at midnight.

Here are the photo highlights of day 19 – Arriving Louisville

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