Saturday Day 7 Nevis: 2 more beaches and a romantic dinner

Up again early thanks to the roosters. Sunny skies meant Beach day! Only two major beaches left to discover. First stop, Oualie beach on the north west coast of Nevis. Although we weren’t the only ones there, the other four people were so far away it felt like we were alone. This is technically the beach for the Oualie Beach Hotel but all beaches on Nevis are free and public so you can go anywhere and not worry that you are trespassing. As with all the others, this beach is pristine white/gold sand and the water is crystal clear. I had fun snorkelling although the white sand bottom didn’t provide much habitat for fish. I think I only saw one. No matter, the piña coladas on the beach had fish swimming around my head in no time (kidding…I only had one). Later in the morning we decided to change beaches. First a drive through the highlands to the village of Fountain. Much more humble here and probably the worst roads we drove. But just as beautiful as everywhere else. During the rains (not now) there would be lovely waterfalls coming down from the mountain thus the name Fountain. Time to head to our final Nevis beach destination for lunch. Just down the road a couple of kilometres from Oualie beach is Chrishi Beach. I don’t need to tell you how beautiful this beach is since they are all gorgeous but each is unique in its own way. We started with drinks at the bar and enjoyed the wonderful view across to St. Kitts watching the ferry come and go. For lunch we both had the grouper fish burger… Hands down the best fish burger I have ever had! I was in heaven. After lunch activities included lying on a lounge chair under a grass umbrella and occasionally slipping into the Caribbean to cool off. I’m forgetting what day this is. Back to the villa to shower and dress for dinner. For our last night on Nevis, we are going to Mont Pellier Plantation for what the locals promised us would be a memorable experience. Dinner reservations were for 6:30. We arrive on the dot and were escorted to the great room for cocktails and hors d’ourves. We met the sommeliers and the estate owner. Lovely people. Then we were escorted to our table in the old windmill. We met Tish, our waitress, and thus began an evening to remember. The photos will show each of the 5 courses we were served but the highlight of the evening was when Tish brought the dessert on a plate inscribed in chocolate “Happy 30th Anniversary”. To go with that, Tish with the most beautiful voice, sang us a song she had written herself about looking for and finding love. You can’t imagine what that was like. I have goosebumps now as I write this. Indeed a very romantic dinner. The locals were right.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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