Eastern Canada 2019

The Canadian War Museum

Todays agenda simply had two items:

First, The Canadian War Museum.

  • Monica and I were up early to do laundry and enjoy the sauna and pool at our hotel.
  • We walked the 2 kms along Sparks Street, pausing to enjoy the street sculptures and a light snack at Bridgehead Cafe.
  • On arriving at the museum site, the first visit is to the National Holocaust Memorial where we fell silent for a few minutes.
  • Then we entered the War Museum along with several bus loads of school children. They were more or less well behaved throughout.
  • What an immaculate, complete and provocative museum. It took us three hours to see it. I left with my head bowed knowing my grandfather, Spurgeon Keith, survived the trenches after being shot and then silently carried the horror of it for the next 50 years of his life. I never heard him speak of it.

Second, dinner with an old friend (as in from 40 years ago)

  • Monica and I went to Mount Allison University with Donna Porter from River Hebert, Nova Scotia. She roomed right across the hall from Monica in the dormitory.
  • Mon and I walked 20 minutes to the Byward Market neighborhood across the Rideau Canal… snapping some Canon G16 moments along the way.
  • Donna and her husband, Bob, met us at Tucker’s Market, a popular and packed buffet restaurant with 20 different mains to choose from and just as many desserts!
  • It was wonderful catching up on each others’ lives. Donna looks just the same as 40 years ago! How is that possible?
  • The walk back to the hotel was illuminated with city lights and a full moon.

Here are the days photos: The Canadian War Museum

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