Chicago – Day 2 Lincoln Park

The weather decided to cool things down a bit today – lots of fog and some rain. But that didn’t stop us at all. Awake at 4:30 and up having left over anchovy & hot pepper pizza for breakfast. So yummy! Then Monica and I set out for the day leaving Maneau and Jake (still sleeping) to fend for themselves.

Our first destination was Kohl’s department store in north Chicago so Monica could return some shower curtains she bought in Portland. The subway/bus ride there was very easy. Merchandise exchanged successfully and off again toward Lincoln Park… destination, the Zoo. We rode the bus most of the way and walked the final few blocks. What lovely neighbourhoods. Gorgeous old brownstone buildings, historic churches, interesting restaurants and lovely old public buildings like the old fire station.

We arrived at the zoo around 11:00 am. This is free admission. How great is that? We enjoyed walking through the animal exhibits and had Mexican lunch at the Zoo Café. Continuing through Lincoln Park south we came to the Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln statues. The Lincoln statue is really lovely. Lots of photos, of course.

We left the park and headed south to Chicago Ave/State St. with destination the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the David Bowie exhibit. This was something we were looking forward to for weeks. We walked and walked and finally arrived to find the museum is CLOSED on Mondays! Sigh. Well, we are definitely coming back here another day… maybe Thursday. Seeing and hearing the Bowie exhibit is a must.

Just as well that the museum was closed today because by 2:00 our feet were killing us after seven hours of walking. So, Mon and I headed back to the apartment to put our feet up for awhile. Maneau and Jake arrived shortly after we did and we enjoyed the afternoon sharing our day’s adventure stories and planning the evening.

For dinner, we went to the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant just a block’s walk from the apartment. A turn of the century old firehouse that has been transformed into one of the best steak houses in Chicago – so the critics say. Well, they are right. That was one of, if not THE best steak I have ever had in my life. A wonderful meal. Staff and service were amazing and the ambiance of the firehouse made it surreal. Of course, being a firehouse, there is a fireman’s pole and you know how girls love a pole!

An easy stroll after dinner around the block to Buddy Guy’s Lounge. We wanted to but were too tired to go in but it really did looked inviting. The Chicago Jazz and Blues scene is vibrating in every sector of the city. Maybe another night. Back to the apartment to call it a day.


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