Spain-Portugal 2018

6 – the beach

The morning dawned clear and bright. We could see down the coast all the way to Cape St. Vincent… south-western most point of Portugal. The main objective for the day was to enjoy the beach and swim in the ocean.

Well, let me tell you, Portugal has gorgeous beaches. The chalk cliffs have eroded creating golden sand the consistency of corn meal. At 10am, we walked the half kilometer from the Villa to the beach just in time to get the last four front row lounge chairs. The morning was already hot and people were already in the water… and the water is beautiful; warm, turquoise, sandy bottom and you float like a cork. Although no wind, there was a swell on the ocean creating lovely wave curls as they hit the shore much to the delight of the swimmers. Some were even body surfing. Monica had a little trouble standing in the surf and was tumbled backwards. The life guard made a heroic dash to her rescue much to the amusement of all, especially Monica (he was quite handsome).

After the beach, we retired to the pool at the Villa to “cool” off (hardly cool but very refreshing. Drinks on our terrace before dinner and then sauntered down to the Lux restaurant for another great meal of mussels. It was a fun relaxing day. We needed that to charge up for tomorrow’s adventure (I’m excited).

Here are the photo highlights of Day  – the beach

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