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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Since traveling to Ireland and learning more about their history and culture, I have a much better appreciation for the man called Saint Patrick... who, in the mid 400s, was captured from his home in Britain by Irish pirates while still just a teenager, enslaved for years on Ireland, escaped and fled back to the mainland, became a Christian, returned to Ireland to spread the word and build his first church in Armagh (we were there), and ultimately become the patron saint of Ireland.

Celebrated on this day all over the world (and most certainly at our house), Monica and I wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are some shots all taken close to home in Saint John.

Hello February… where have you been all my life?

Just when we had ourselves braced for a horrific onslaught of winter, we are surprised and most delighted with the nicest February ever… at least for now… this can’t be sustainable (wishing)

Goodbye January – miss you already

Let it howl

Our lovely stretch of weather all through January is now, sadly, just a memory as tonight’s blizzard has arrived.

All the more reason to stay warm and dry in the studio. It’s nice to be back at it again since taking nearly a month off. Fingers that had gone soft over the break are just starting to get new callous’.

Marks of the trade

So, I guess winter is finally here. No matter, inspiration abounds and I’m already thinking spring.

Butterflies aflutter

First sushi of 2018

It was Monica’s idea! I’m so glad she thought of it on this clear, cold and spectacular Friday morning Jan 26th. Lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant,  Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. They have the best lunch specials for around 10 bucks. We left very full and happy.

Peninsula Retreat

Shortly after New Year’s 2018, Monica and I had the opportunity to dog-sit for our daughter and her partner at their house across the SJ river on the Kingston Peninsula. Sarah and Matt took a well-deserved week-long road trip to Niagara Falls leaving their 120 pound Rottweiler, Deacon, in our care. Can I just say, Deacon is a wonderful dog… so obedient and good-natured and energetic… I haven’t had this much exercise in months!

We moved in on a Tuesday and left the following Monday… 6 glorious days “away from it all”. We started the week with lovely cold clear skies. Then came horrible rains that took all the snow and terrible winds that felled some trees. During the storm, the power was out for 15 hours (loved it) and the cable snapped on the ferry so we were stranded (loved it). We finished the week again with lovely cold clear skies.

Even though we were only 30 minutes from Saint John, we may as well have been in Scandinavia. Hope you can tell from the photos how much we enjoyed our Peninsula Retreat.

Merry Christmas from Nellyglass Studio

Nellyglass has had a wonderful season leading right up to Christmas morning. We’ve enjoyed lots of time with family and friends along with a busy studio schedule. Thank you to all our patrons for your support.

My favorite piece this Christmas is one I made for Monica. Here is the story and photos of its creation. Hope you enjoy An Antique Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Monica and Nelson at Nellyglass Studio

Saturday comfort sushi

Monica and I thoroughly enjoyed a Saturday at home; in the morning running errands around the city including grocery shopping at Superstore. I couldn’t get past the sushi counter and was able to talk her into an easy dinner at home with a bottle of wine. Back at home, Monica made spaghetti sauce for family dinner night on Sunday while I ground glass for Christmas ornaments in the studio.

Through the afternoon, Mon worked on photos for her scrapbook of our children’s lives (pause) and I sat in my comfy chair foiling glass. Total Contentment!

Dinner was divine, of course, at 6:00 and so was the wine 😃. Just an average day at home you might think? Perhaps, but why then am I so thankful as if it rarely happens? It does… often.

Steelhead Volcano roll and Spicy California roll