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2019 PEI Food Tour

For three glorious weeks in July, Monica and I ate our way across the east end of PEI following the famous Chowder Trail in search of the perfect seafood chowder. We compared several different eateries plus we created our own epic chowder at Big Point Cottage on the Flat River. Not just chowder, there was an array of wonderful food and drink over the three weeks enjoyed both by ourselves and with family and friends.

There are lots of photos here as we enjoyed lots of food on the 2019 PEI Food Tour

Out like a lamb

13 degrees celcius and lovely spring walking weather in Saint John on March 31st. I think spring has arrived.

New Brunswick’s oldest Anglican church

Trinity shadows

Monica and I were fortunate to find this historic church in Kingston NB still open after Sunday service but just about to close for the day. Trinity Anglican is NB’s oldest Anglican Church dating to 1789 and is probably haunted.

Reverend Painter welcomed us in for a few photos and pointed out some of the wonderful historical treasures such as the original NB provincial seal and Canada’s oldest pipe organ. Such history! The stained glass is delicate with painted emblems and commemorative script. For all photos, visit World Windows and look for Kingston, NB.

Friday night and…

it’s “his turn to cook”!

Easy veggie pizza…mushrooms, onions, green and black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and mozza cheese. So average? Why so good then?

Must be the California raisins.

St. Valentine… the man behind the legend

He was a Christian priest in 250 AD at a time before Christianity was fully accepted. He married people illegally so the husbands wouldn’t have to go to war. This was much to the ire of Emperor Claudius II, who sentenced him to death: beaten, stoned and beheaded. While in jail, awaiting his sentence, Valentine healed the jailer’s blind daughter, restoring her sight… and on his execution day, he left a note in his cell for her that simply said … “Your Valentine”.

Fact or fiction? Regardless, he is the reason many of us put a little more effort on this day into reaching out to someone special to show them we care.

Monica and I had a wonderful lunch date at Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. We also bought more sushi to take home for supper, after the wine of course. And the sun shone through it all. It was a great day.

Winter Comfort Food

It is February now and it is cold in New Brunswick. Ah, juicy hamburgers with curly fries and French wine … that should do the trick 🙂

Goodbye Year of the Dog

…and hello Year of the Pig. For a spontaneous winter date, Monica and I bought tickets to the Imperial Theater to see a wonderful variety show celebrating the Chinese New Year (Feb 5th this year). Astounding performances of music and dancing highlighting the skills and talent of some of the 1500 Chinese residents in Saint john.

After the show, we had a delicious Chinese meal at Bamboo East (in the north end of the city, lol) with lots of left-overs for my lunch tomorrow. 😀 My fortune cookie said, “Your greatness will be noticed” and Monica’s said “Be prepared for the truth”. Is that perhaps a bit ominous? Not sure, but we had a wonderful day anyway and thoroughly enjoyed something totally different on a Sunday afternoon.