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Merry Christmas 2020

Monica and I want to thank all Nellyglass patrons for your devoted support. Despite the weirdness of 2020, you have helped make this a wonderful year for us! And to everyone, may all the joy and blessings in the new year be yours. Merry Christmas!


I’ll have the Smorgasbord

Monica continues to hone her culinary skills and whet my appetite. 😃

Fall Feeding Frenzy

Monica has been busy harvesting her garden this month and is inspired in the kitchen with all the fresh produce. Here is an example of her work:

The Splendor

Monica and I took a drive on a late September Sunday. It is tricky driving with one’s head swiveling around to see the beautiful leaves. And then there were church windows to gaze at in wonder. Perhaps I exhaled a long loving sigh! 

Near Nackawic

Holy Trinity – Hartland, NB


Friday Night Pizza

Summer 2020

Celebrating everything wonderful about this crazy COVID summer of 2020. The photo album below starts with Sarah’s birthday in May and ends with mine in September. Summer 2020

Savouring the Solitude

Self-isolation means we have to keep ourselves busy to stay sane. Monica is busy exploring old and new recipes and I think her culinary skills have reached a new level. I’m kept busy eating it all with no regrets, no waste and no sharing… just us, self-contented… gaining weight slowly… steadily. Happy Easter 😀

A gallery and hop to dinner

Monica and I visited our son, Ryan, in Fredericton on a mild Saturday in January. Our family destination was the Beaverbrook Art Gallery to enjoy the excellent 1-hour guided tour through the various exhibits and permanent collections. It was our first time at this gallery since the new wing was added in 2017. It is a beautiful space full of light. I’ve included just a few photos below but, if interested, you can browse all my photos of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery including descriptions of each piece.

After the gallery, the three of us hopped next door to Issac’s Way for a delicious meal and stimulating conversation as we recollected our gallery experience. This restaurant is also a venue for emerging artists and displays works on all the walls. Patrons can bid to purchase the artworks in a silent auction format that lasts for several weeks. It’s genius marketing as it keeps partons coming back to the restaurant to check if their latest bid is still on top.

It was a fun afternoon. I enjoy going through the photos again and again 😀



Merry Christmas 2019

Monica and I want to thank all Nellyglass patrons for your support this past year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2020.

Sushi with Sarah

Monica and I had lunch uptown with Sarah at our (my) favorite lunch spot, Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. The ladies had lunch combos while I ordered the sushi dinner. The smoked-eel was phenomenal.


A stained glass hat trick

For a quick stained glass fix, Monica and I took a Sunday morning drive to Oromocto and Gagetown to see three lovely churches; a Catholic, a United and an Anglican. We met some friendly church goers and discovered a new glass artist; R. Dietrich from C.P.I. Art Studio in Montreal. It was a wonderful fix, thank you.

Click each image below to see all the windows in that church.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic, Oromocto, NB

Oromocto United

St. John’s Anglican, Gagetown

Pigs! … in every aspect.

Cousin Darrel and I grooved on a Tuesday night at the Imperial Theater to the music by Canadian Pink Floyd cover band, Pigs. We heard all our favs plus a couple of more obscure tunes. Such talented recreations of this classic music. After the concert, Darrel and I “pigged out” over meat-lovers pizza and garlic fingers. Good vibes reminiscing our many Floyd concerts of the past… and looked forward to the next one.

Sunday night seafood

The Tom Gore chardonnay from California was a perfect match for Monnie’s seafood alfredo with salmon, shrimp and scallops on papparadelle pasta. The fresh herbs she picked that morning really spiked the deliciousness factor. So much that it called for a second bowl 😁


rock and roll Saint John

Monica and I are renovating the deck garden on a beautiful autumn afternoon. There are some BIG rocks involved. All in good fun, so long as nobody gets hurt.

Final resting place


A new sushi discovery

Monica and I had a chance to have lunch in Sussex with Monica’s sister,  Marlene. There is a sushi restaurant there I’ve never been to before, Sushi Jo! Marlene has never had sushi before! I was doubly excited to try a new place and with someone for their first time. We had a great meal with lots of laughs and lip smacking good sushi. Marlene was very brave. Nobody died 😀.

Monnie’s Monarch

What a wonderful six weeks spent with Monica at home on our back deck as we tended several 4th generation monarch butterflies’ transition from egg to adult. Such a fascinating creature with a complex life cycle involving four generations on migration from Mexico to New Brunswick, Canada. The fourth generation, born here, then returns to Mexico for the winter and the cycle begins again. During it all, the only plant the caterpillars will survive on, is milkweed.

Here is a Google Photo album of our experience with Monnie’s Monarch (photos have my comments attached).


2019 PEI Food Tour

For three glorious weeks in July, Monica and I ate our way across the east end of PEI following the famous Chowder Trail in search of the perfect seafood chowder. We compared several different eateries plus we created our own epic chowder at Big Point Cottage on the Flat River. Not just chowder, there was an array of wonderful food and drink over the three weeks enjoyed both by ourselves and with family and friends.

There are lots of photos here as we enjoyed lots of food on the 2019 PEI Food Tour

Out like a lamb

13 degrees celcius and lovely spring walking weather in Saint John on March 31st. I think spring has arrived.

New Brunswick’s oldest Anglican church

Trinity shadows

Monica and I were fortunate to find this historic church in Kingston NB still open after Sunday service but just about to close for the day. Trinity Anglican is NB’s oldest Anglican Church dating to 1789 and is probably haunted.

Reverend Painter welcomed us in for a few photos and pointed out some of the wonderful historical treasures such as the original NB provincial seal and Canada’s oldest pipe organ. Such history! The stained glass is delicate with painted emblems and commemorative script. For all photos, visit World Windows and look for Kingston, NB.

Friday night and…

it’s “his turn to cook”!

Easy veggie pizza…mushrooms, onions, green and black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and mozza cheese. So average? Why so good then?

Must be the California raisins.