Southern Comfort

It is -20° and windy on this Saturday in mid-January. Definitely a day to stay inside. Monica decided a southern meal might spirit us away to warmer places. Something with a little Cajun zip… like Jambalaya! We enjoyed our afternoon adventure to the Mississippi delta. We pretended it was really nice there.

Process Pizza

Friday night pizza is usually my claim to fame, but I can’t even pretend to do what Monica does. Here is her entire process which ended deliciously.

Fall Menu

As this COVID pandemic develops, so does Monica’s culinary prowess. I love making these food posts … as a way of counting my blessings.

By Invitation Only

Monica and I were invited to the home of long-time friends Glenn Ketchum and Judy Barrio for a balanced evening of down-to-earth conversation and haute cuisine. Glenn’s culinary confidence! Judy’s artistic home decor!  …always an extremely delightful experience. Thank you, Glenn and Judy, we are so lucky. The rest of you can just be jealous… sorry.

Sea-Side Sizzle

A summer of seafood to satisfy the senses… with Monnie’s home grown veggies, herbs and pickles.

Saint John Saturday

On this beautiful late-August Saturday, Monica and I drove “out East” for a hike to Cape Spencer Lighthouse and then a picnic lunch and beach stroll at Mispec Beach. Lots of folks were out enjoying the sun and sand. We even found some sea glass 😀

A Fall Day

On this beautiful Sunday morning (in June), Monica and I went for a hike just twenty minutes from home to discover Tracy Falls. Nestled in a deep ravine in the Willow Grove area of East Saint John just past the airport, Tracy Falls is elusive. You can’t see it until you turn a final corner and, there it is! A fourty foot cascade that fills the shady chasm with cool mist. It was a hot day and Mon and I had already gotten lost once by taking a wrong path. Being here was heaven. The water was low and the falls were diminished, but we would really like to come back during the freshet. It must be spectacular!

Moss Glen 3-hour tour

On this beautiful cloudless Victoria Day, Monica and I got out of the house and went for a morning drive to the Kingston Peninsula. With the Hiking Trails of New Brunswick book in hand, we sought out the Moss Glen trail. At just 2.3 kms, it is rated “easy” on the difficulty scale. A lovely time of year with very few mosquitoes yet, we especially enjoyed the trilliums blooming on the forest floor. Just down the brook a short distance, we found the two Moss Glenn waterfalls (upper and lower). They are both impressive and inviting as summer swimming spots for locals. We ended our tour with a picnic lunch beside the river waiting for the Summerville ferry back to Saint John. Start to finish was 3 hours. The rest of the day was enjoyed on the back deck.

Oh, Deer Island

April 24th was the nicest day of the year so far. Temperatures soared to 20 C in Saint John. Monica and I wanted to get out of the house and go for a walk on one of the 145 official NB Hiking Trails. We headed west to Deer Island to do the only registered trail on the island; the Clark Gregory Nature Preserve trail at Chocolate Cove. It is listed as ‘moderate’ difficulty with a couple of wet spots and lots of tip-toeing around roots and rocks. However, it is short at only 1.5 kms and only took us 30-40 minutes. The views across the water of satellite islands and fishing weirs are gorgeous. It is well worth the trip for something different plus the ferry ride to and from the island is always interesting.

Working up an appetite on our hike called for lunch on a beach somewhere. So, we headed to Deer Island Point at the southern tip of the island. The tide was ebbing fast giving us a dramatic show of “Old Sow” (world’s second largest whirlpool) as we enjoyed chicken salad sandwiches in the sunshine. Then a bit of peaceful beach-combing for sea glass and digestion of lunch.

We continued our tour around the island poking into random side roads to discover hidden gems like buoy covered shacks and small herds of deer! We could not drive past the 45th Parallel Restaurant at Fairhaven without stopping in for a hot fudge brownie sundae… these are home-made brownies…hot and scrumptious!

We ended our day on the drive back to Saint John with a stop into the Canada Green garden nursery and landscape center in St. George. Besides having any plant or garden tool you could want, a tour of the property is like strolling through a zen garden abounding with fountains and sculptures. Monnie picked up an herb planter (pre-Mother’s Day gift). I will look forward to whatever she plants and subsequently feeds to me. 😁

Thanks for reading. Here is a short photo album covering our drive and walk on Deer Island April 2021.

International Food Critic

I’m not really a food critic, just a food lover! If there’s anything to be critical of, it’s perhaps that I’m loving the food too much! But…. Monica is really rocking her recipe books lately. And…. since we can’t travel physically at this time, we will do so gastronomically 😀. Here’s where we went in winter ’21. We ended our trip on March 25th on the 44th anniversary of our first date at Mount Allison Univ. in Sackville. This time, to celebrate we went to France with Julia Child (and a Grand finale).

Julia Child – Mousseline au Chocolat

Comfort Food

Winter (2021) was about continued isolation from mainstream society. In our isolation, we found comfort in good food. Not so uncommon.

Certainly Sushi

It is the last weekend of January 2021 and the polar vortex has finally arrived to New Brunswick after a dry, mild, easy-walking start to the winter. Monica and I succumbed to the urge for some sushi from our fav (temporarily take out only), Ta-Ke Sushi on King Street. What a great Friday night! We’ll walk it off tomorrow.

Merry Christmas 2020

Monica and I want to thank all Nellyglass patrons for your devoted support. Despite the weirdness of 2020, you have helped make this a wonderful year for us! And to everyone, may all the joy and blessings in the new year be yours. Merry Christmas!