Alberta Day 5 Elbow Falls with Stuart

We let the kids sleep today until almost noon…(sigh, kids!). The morning was too beautiful to waste so Mon and I walked the around the neighborhood. Not a cloud in the sky. Around the Lake In the afternoon we went to Inglewood, a trendy little shopping district in Calgary east. One wrong turn landed us in the downtown by mistake. With knuckles white on the wheel, Monica navigated us safely through. Calgary Day We browsed the antique shops for funky souvenirs Inglewood  and then enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Hose ‘n Hound pub. Surprise, the waitress was from Saint John! Hose 'n Hound Pub Enchiladas buffalo burgers

Later in the day, Stuart took us to see Elbow Falls in the Kananaskis Park region. This is one of two rivers that devastated Calgary in June. The damage along the river was sobering. Huge trees ripped out, river banks erroded, park picnic sites swept away and bridges washed out. washed out bridge  But, the Falls themselves are gorgeous. at Elbow Falls Elbow Falls

After supper, Stuart took us downtown to see the lights. Calgary at night is a sight to see. It was a great day.

Calgary at Night

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My oldest daughter Mila is nursing at the Foothills Hospital since graduating from UNB in Dec. I really enjoyed my March break there – the winter hiking was great near Canmore. I can’t wait to return – Drumheller will be my first stop.

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