Alberta Bound – Day 1

We are off on an adventure to visit Alberta this summer. I have never been here before and it’s been 36 years for Monica since she worked the summer of ’77 in Jasper Park Lodge. Since Sarah lives in Red Deer and Monica’s brother Stuart and Janice live in Calgary, the time was right for a visit. Ryan is with us so this will truly be a family vacation.

We arrived in Calgary just after 11:00 PM Friday night. Sarah had arrived from Red Deer this afternoon and she and Stuart picked us up at the airport. Home to crash at Stuart’s and up next morning for a full breakfast. Then off to explore the downtown. My eyes were wide open. Calgary is a beautiful city. Very clean! Hard to believe it was underwater just a few weeks ago.

Later in the day, we all headed over Mike (Stuart’s son) and Tammy’s for a big family hoopla and BBQ. Great times.

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