Eastern Canada 2019

Quebec City in the rain

Even though the forecast was for rain all day, Monica and I did get some walking exercise between the showers.

  • A hearty breakfast at JaJa restaurant (in our hotel).
  • Visit the Plains of Abraham museum just down the street from our hotel. This is a meticulously curated and maintained museum… and so humbling to retrace Canada’s monumental battle between the French and English.
  • Visit Eglise Saint Dominique: beautiful contemporary windows.
  • Visit Eglise Saint Roche: we arrived just as a funeral was finishing. Again, stunning windows… especially the “Seeing Eye” in the West over the pipe organ.
  • Retreat to our hotel for an afternoon lounge in the pool and hot tub.
  • Dinner was a short walk in a light rain to Pub Galway on Rue Cartier. Excellent food, service and ambiance. The short walk home, however, was in the pouring rain. Nevertheless, our spirits were not dampened after this fun day.

Here are the day’s photo highlights: Quebec City in the rain

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