Alberta – Day 12 Jasper back to Calgary

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We left jasper Park Lodge this morning, each of us quite and pensive and a little sad for what was ending…but totally grateful for what we shared and also anticipating what comes next. Into Jasper for breakfast and then on the road south to Calgary. This would turn into a 6 hour trip because of the stops we had planned along the way.

First stop, the mighty Athabasca Falls. If you have never been here, the falls thunder pounding your chest makes this experience as much physical as visual. I added a few pics but a movie really does it better justice. This is very short (less than 1 minute).

Here you can walk around the falls to several different viewing points as well as down into the gorge valley through water carved grottos. At the bottom you will see the river still cutting through 40 meter canyon walls. Absolutely spell-binding.

Onward to the next stop – Sunwapeta Falls. A little smaller than Athebasca but just as impressive. The water originates from the Athabasca Glacier and is blue/green in just the right light. Soooooo pretty.

Carry on south through the mountains, past the Columbia Ice-fields. Next stop, Peyto Lake. The traffic was horrible but the view makes if all worth it. Here is the quintessential emerald green lake of the Rockies and perhaps one of the most photographed.

Continuing past Lake Louise, past Banff and finally arriving at Calgary. Janice got home from work just as I was lighting the BBQ. Sarah and Mary Ann also arrived from Red Deer. They went out to visit cousins for the evening so Monica and I called it a day. Early to rise tomorrow because …wait for it…. the four of us are heading to Whitefish Montana…this trip is going to be Legen…wait for it….dary!

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