Important Dates to Celebrate Southeast NB 2021

Southeastern New Brunswick 2021

It’s the end of June, the most anticipated time of the year for me. We get to celebrate Monica’s birthday (this year 63πŸŽ‚) and our anniversary (37❀πŸ₯‚)… AND, we often like to get away somewhere for a change of scenery (triple bonus).

This year, we chose 3 nights at the Fundy Highlands Motel and Chalets in Fundy National Park at Alma for some quiet unwinding and togetherness. We planned for plenty of trail hiking, beach combing, antique hunting and good food. The weather was a crap shoot. There were moments of sun and rain, heat and cool, fog and black flies and mirror calm bay waters reflecting pastel skies. Good for body, mind and soul, we truly enjoyed nature washing in this spectacular national park and adjoining UNESCO biosphere shoreline listed in the world’s “amazing places”.

Our three-night getaway is captured in photos for our future recall. I look forward to looking back and smiling at the wonderful memories we made in Fundy National Park.

Day 1 – Arriving: highlights – snack at Wolfe Lake (birthday gift from Sarah), hike at Kinnie Brook (very hot), hike at Wolfe Point (foggy and cooler), beach walk at Herring Cove (sea glass), check in to Fundy Highlands chalet, drive into Alma for seafood platter take-out, stuff faces back at the chalet, pass out.

Day 2 – Monica’s Birthday: Highlights – breakfast (leftover seafood platter, eggs and toast), road trip along the coast, first stop Dennis Beach (too foggy), Mary’s Point (UNESCO protected area), Lars Larsen marsh, Anderson Hollow Lighthouse, Angel Mist Antique shop (like a museum), The Bird Garden craft shop (found Monica’s birthday gift), lunch at Tipsy Tails in Alma, afternoon relax at the chalet, sausages and sauerkraut for supper.

Day 3 – Happy Anniversary: Highlights – power breakfast (left over sausages, eggs & toast), hike to Dickson Falls (exchanged Anniversary cards there), hike to Matthew’s Head (4.5 km and rooty, awesome views), afternoon thunderstorm (ethereal and beautiful), drive into Alma to purchase lobsters, enjoy the after-storm sunshine on the deck, candle light dinner at the chalet (lobster, steak, corn and potatoes paired with great Chardonnay).


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Love your travelogues, Nelson….still think you have a career for PBS or Eyewitness. Did you see that Conde Naste has listed Nova Scotia among the top NA travel sites?

Hugs Marg


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