Christmas is Coming! Yay!

It snowed this morning…quite beautiful…so white…makes the Christmas lights twinkle a little more. Lights on snow

Our first snow of the year that stayed for a little while and then it was gone (sad) but was just enought to spark the Christmas spirit.

Decorations are a sure sign it’s coming.

Cardinals and Holly Angel  Angels Heard on High   Snowing on Men    The Della Balls

Monica and I went shopping today and we found a perfect Santa with his reindeer. It swings perpetually and the deers’ antlers and Santa’s arm articulate with the rocking. The bonus was the 50% Sale…Love it. A New Santa came to Town this year

And it’s also time for another stained glass project. A production line Christmas series made by nellyglass – called “The Thirteenth Star”. Here’s a little teaser. Watch for the full blog “Stars” coming soon. You’ll find it at the bottom of the Projects list.

Thirteen rough cut and ready for grinding

A very early Merry Christmas wish for everyone, Nelson.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

One thought on “Christmas is Coming! Yay!”

  1. Can’t wait to see your new project come together. You are indeed very talented. Love your decorations…..have a special love for the ones on your railing. 🙂 Mom would have loved your new Santa and reindeer. Looks like
    Christmas has arrived at the Alward household. xo

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