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Christmas is Coming! Yay!

It snowed this morning…quite beautiful…so white…makes the Christmas lights twinkle a little more. Lights on snow

Our first snow of the year that stayed for a little while and then it was gone (sad) but was just enought to spark the Christmas spirit.

Decorations are a sure sign it’s coming.

Cardinals and Holly Angel  Angels Heard on High   Snowing on Men    The Della Balls

Monica and I went shopping today and we found a perfect Santa with his reindeer. It swings perpetually and the deers’ antlers and Santa’s arm articulate with the rocking. The bonus was the 50% Sale…Love it. A New Santa came to Town this year

And it’s also time for another stained glass project. A production line Christmas series made by nellyglass – called “The Thirteenth Star”. Here’s a little teaser. Watch for the full blog “Stars” coming soon. You’ll find it at the bottom of the Projects list.

Thirteen rough cut and ready for grinding

A very early Merry Christmas wish for everyone, Nelson.

One reply on “Christmas is Coming! Yay!”

Can’t wait to see your new project come together. You are indeed very talented. Love your decorations…..have a special love for the ones on your railing. 🙂 Mom would have loved your new Santa and reindeer. Looks like
Christmas has arrived at the Alward household. xo

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