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Not just dinner and a show

This was way beyond ‘Dinner and A Show’. This was Ta-ke sushi and The Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Imperial Theater with our niece Ellen, on a Wednesday evening. How incredibly mid-week amazing is that?

Sleeping Beauty

Our culture meter just went up a few notches. This was my first ever ballet and I loved it, and it was Tchaikovsky! who, is Ellen’s favorite, AND did I mention there was sushi!

The three of us got together on Wednesday to celebrate the newness of spring. How fortunate we are to have our niece in the city where we can see her often. Ellen surprised us with tickets to the Jorgen Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty and was I ever surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I had never seen a ballet before and wasn’t sure I would “get it”… but I did! …thanks in part to watching the Disney movie many times with the kids, and also the skill and strength of the dancers…I wish I was in that kind of shape!

First, however,  we went for supper at out favorite sushi restaurant, Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. We sampled some old time favorites along with some new discoveries. So good… we will be back again soon, hopefully.

It was a wonderful night. Here are the photo highlights.

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