Bizzy – a Pet’s Portrait

Dog enthusiast, owner of Forever Friends Pet Memorials and Crematorium, and wonderful person, Lori Craft-Magee, commissioned a portrait of one of her canine friends. This is Bizzy (’cause she’s so busy), a charming little French Bulldog with tons of energy and personality! Lori electronically sent me this photo of Bizzy and I was able to zoom in on her head enough to create a pattern.

the joys of using a light table

As this was my first portrait commission, I was anxious to make it look realistic. I knew the key would be in finding the right glass with a mix of white and pink for Bizzy’s face.

Luckily, I found the perfect piece at Stained Glass Creations by Kim in the north end of Saint John…  a creamy ring mottle that reveals its subtle shades of pink only under light.

soldering in reverse for a flush frontside

It even has delicate wrinkles on the surface of the glass to simulate the dog’s skin. For the black parts, I used both standard black and a bit of Spectrum black baroque to add some light drama.

signature on the backside of the black ear

In total, fifteen blissful studio hours turned out a lovely little panel of Bizzy. Her eyes lights up in the full sunshine, with maybe just a hint of mischief.


I was fortunate to meet the cute little bulldog in person when I dropped off the finished piece at Lori’s home. Bizzy is a barrel of business in every wonderful way. I am very thankful Lori brought this new challenge to me at Nellyglasss Studio. I enjoyed the artistic adventure immensely! 😀