stained glass

Gothic Glories

I recently had the privilege of working with 150 year old glass from the Gothic Arches church in Saint John.

I hope you will enjoy reading the story about the making of the Gothic Glories.

2 replies on “Gothic Glories”

Good morning, Nelson. I just took a few minutes to read your story on the website. It is a wonderful story of collegiality with a fellow artist. The product will bring much delight to the new owners and to those who love to walk around the streets with these beautiful heritage homes.

I also enjoyed watching how your previous works are now featured with the revolving slide show….a great idea.

A couple of times last week I heard you reference future ‘retirement’. It occurred to me as I read this latest description of your work that it would be a wonderful gift to the future if you could move your descriptions and photos to a book; perhaps publish and sell it on a site like Amazon. It would be such a shame to just close the site. An idea for your creative mind as you work on your projects. 🌞


Thank you so much, Marg. Your words of encouragement lift me. I have often thought about making a book but only for my own keeping and to pass on to children. In particular, I’m interested in the rose windows of the world that I have visited. They inspire me greatly.

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