A place where the light changes everything.

Monica and I found ourselves in Sussex, NB on a snowy Sunday morning in early November. So what to do? I timed it perfectly to see four lovely churches each with surprising stained glass from both familiar and new-to-me artists. Click each image below to see all the windows in that church:

Trinity Anglican – old and new testament saints displayed in the clerestory windows

St. Mark’s Anglican – a stunning ‘In the Garden’ window from an unknown (to me) artist.

St. John’s United – a ‘Last Supper’ window plus new-to-me artists at Celtic Studios in Grand Bay, NB.

St. Paul’s United – Paul Blaney (Saint John) windows unlike any others I have seen from him before. Striking use of color!

Comments on: "A Sussex Quartet of Stained Glass" (5)

  1. Marguerite Jackson said:

    Each one is beautiful in its own way. I love the classic old churches and reading the inscriptions gives a real sense of local community caring about their space. I wonder if these churches have a vibrant congregation…let’s hope so.



    • We did meet lots of friendly congregation members and almost got roped into a pew at Trinity Anglican to stay for the service. But I had other windows to see so respectfully declined their offer. Nice people though.

  2. Those St. John windows are interesting and unique.

  3. I meant the st Paul’s.

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