Wednesday – Guess what we did today?

First, we worked all day (very productive) and then went chair shopping for Nelly. Stopped at at Leon’s (price too high) then to Lounsbury’s (perfect price/perfect chair… alabaster leather recliner swivel rocker made in Canada – thank you).

Then we tooted off  to supper at Boaz Sushi on the West Side of Saint John. So Good! This photo shows Deep Fried California Roll, Spider Roll (with deep fried clams), Spicy Crab Roll (very spicy) and classic California Roll. I love this place.Sushi at Boaz (deep fried California Roll, Spider Roll, Spicy Crab Roll and classic California Roll

After supper, we drove down to the Reversing Falls Park and walked down to the river’s edge. It was very high and dirty from the spring freshet. A kiss to Spring. All the birds were singing, it was sunny and warm. What a lovely afternoon. And then we headed off to Harbour High School for an evening of Fiddler on the Roof. Great Day – got to spend the best parts with my wife.

Fiddler 3

   Fiddler 1Fiddler 2

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