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Sushi with Sarah

Monica and I had lunch uptown with Sarah at our (my) favorite lunch spot, Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. The ladies had lunch combos while I ordered the sushi dinner. The smoked-eel was phenomenal.


A new sushi discovery

Monica and I had a chance to have lunch in Sussex with Monica’s sister,  Marlene. There is a sushi restaurant there I’ve never been to before, Sushi Jo! Marlene has never had sushi before! I was doubly excited to try a new place and with someone for their first time. We had a great meal with lots of laughs and lip smacking good sushi. Marlene was very brave. Nobody died 😀.

Happy Sushi-day to me

It’s really wonderful to have another birthday and it doesnt get any better than lunch at Take-Sushi followed by homemade butterscotch pie for dessert (thank you Monica). And, thanks to everyone for the B-Day wishes. Life is good at 61.

First sushi of 2018

It was Monica’s idea! I’m so glad she thought of it on this clear, cold and spectacular Friday morning Jan 26th. Lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant,  Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. They have the best lunch specials for around 10 bucks. We left very full and happy.

Saturday comfort sushi

Monica and I thoroughly enjoyed a Saturday at home; in the morning running errands around the city including grocery shopping at Superstore. I couldn’t get past the sushi counter and was able to talk her into an easy dinner at home with a bottle of wine. Back at home, Monica made spaghetti sauce for family dinner night on Sunday while I ground glass for Christmas ornaments in the studio.

Through the afternoon, Mon worked on photos for her scrapbook of our children’s lives (pause) and I sat in my comfy chair foiling glass. Total Contentment!

Dinner was divine, of course, at 6:00 and so was the wine 😃. Just an average day at home you might think? Perhaps, but why then am I so thankful as if it rarely happens? It does… often.

Steelhead Volcano roll and Spicy California roll

Saturday sushi

My niece, Ellen Flood, came to visit today to show us her photos from her recent trip to Scotland. So great to see her again. Of course,  when Ellen is in town, sushi is on everyone’s mind. So off we went to our favorite restaurant, Ta-ke Sushi for an excellent and very filling meal. Sort of like dinner and a movie but in reverse order. Now, a nap.


Second sushi of 2017

Monica and I were running errands uptown and felt hungry. We found the perfect solution at Ta-ke Sushi on King Street.

Lunch special at Ta-ke Sushi on King Street