Certainly Sushi

It is the last weekend of January 2021 and the polar vortex has finally arrived to New Brunswick after a dry, mild, easy-walking start to the winter. Monica and I succumbed to the urge for some sushi from our fav (temporarily take out only), Ta-Ke Sushi on King Street. What a great Friday night! We’ll walk it off tomorrow.

A new sushi discovery

Monica and I had a chance to have lunch in Sussex with Monica’s sister,  Marlene. There is a sushi restaurant there I’ve never been to before, Sushi Jo! Marlene has never had sushi before! I was doubly excited to try a new place and with someone for their first time. We had a great meal with lots of laughs and lip smacking good sushi. Marlene was very brave. Nobody died 😀.

Saturday comfort sushi

Monica and I thoroughly enjoyed a Saturday at home; in the morning running errands around the city including grocery shopping at Superstore. I couldn’t get past the sushi counter and was able to talk her into an easy dinner at home with a bottle of wine. Back at home, Monica made spaghetti sauce for family dinner night on Sunday while I ground glass for Christmas ornaments in the studio.

Through the afternoon, Mon worked on photos for her scrapbook of our children’s lives (pause) and I sat in my comfy chair foiling glass. Total Contentment!

Dinner was divine, of course, at 6:00 and so was the wine 😃. Just an average day at home you might think? Perhaps, but why then am I so thankful as if it rarely happens? It does… often.

Steelhead Volcano roll and Spicy California roll

Not just dinner and a show

This was way beyond ‘Dinner and A Show’. This was Ta-ke sushi and The Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Imperial Theater with our niece Ellen, on a Wednesday evening. How incredibly mid-week amazing is that?

Sleeping Beauty

Our culture meter just went up a few notches. This was my first ever ballet and I loved it, and it was Tchaikovsky! who, is Ellen’s favorite, AND did I mention there was sushi!

The three of us got together on Wednesday to celebrate the newness of spring. How fortunate we are to have our niece in the city where we can see her often. Ellen surprised us with tickets to the Jorgen Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty and was I ever surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I had never seen a ballet before and wasn’t sure I would “get it”… but I did! …thanks in part to watching the Disney movie many times with the kids, and also the skill and strength of the dancers…I wish I was in that kind of shape!

First, however,  we went for supper at out favorite sushi restaurant, Ta-ke Sushi on King Street. We sampled some old time favorites along with some new discoveries. So good… we will be back again soon, hopefully.

It was a wonderful night. Here are the photo highlights.

All dedications lined up together at the perfect moment in time

Just like my home page says, “This site is dedicated to the following…” i.e., all those things I said I would dedicate my site to, well they all just happened to come together this week at the same time: 1) I’m itching for a new stained glass project and have something in mind for my bathroom downstairs (hint: marine theme). So, while I was looking at some glass possibilities, I snapped a pic or two. Selecting the glass is step #2 in the process, after pattern preparation, and is perhaps second only to patterns in terms of the creativity factor. I love searching the colors and patterns in the glass for the possibilities. 2) There was sushi involved (thank you above for the Japanese who perfected this culinary delight centuries ago). 3) My favorite two celebrations of the year are back to back…our anniversary and Canada Day. Monica and I always love to celebrate our lives together and then have a holiday the next day. She somehow masterminded that 31 years ago, and I’m ever so glad she did. Two wonderful occasions to celebrate and I couldn’t be any more proud and patriotic of both.

Here is a quick photo reel of the highlights.

I Luv Sushi

This is a sushi story:

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful. ‘Twas enough so to lift spirits up out of the potholes and above the snow banks on Mollins Dr. A hearty breakfast of Nelly Omelette provided the energy needed to empty the garage of recyclables and shovel off the garage roof, run grocery and hospital visitation errands, get the car washed (made me happy for 20 minutes), visit the Cedar Crest Market and get ready for a phenomenal meal with our niece, Ellen. Ellen got off work at the Delta Hotel at 3:30. We were there to greet and wisk her off across King Street to Take Sushi for late lunch/early supper. What a pig-out! Great food. Easy atmosphere. There was plenty for take home and that means I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow 🙂

Walking tour of downtown Saint John with fog and sun

Friday morning Monica and I were in full vacation mode and it was foggy – really foggy, but calm and quite lovely. Thankful actually it wasn’t a 40 degree day. We decided to go for a walk to gallery hop and photograph city street doors in the downtown and then have sushi for lunch. Plus we hadn’t found the perfect anniversary gift yet so I’m secretly thinking (hoping) maybe we’d luck out at one of the galleries.

The afternoon was totally reserved for relaxing on the back deck in the sun (thank you above) with Monica and Sarah and a perfect BBQ/salmon, twice-baked stuffed potatoes and caesar salad all brought seamlessly together with a fantastic pinot noir (La Crema) from Santa Rosa California.

Put your feet up for three minutes an enjoy this day in images. Cheers and happy summer to all!


Wednesday – Guess what we did today?

First, we worked all day (very productive) and then went chair shopping for Nelly. Stopped at at Leon’s (price too high) then to Lounsbury’s (perfect price/perfect chair… alabaster leather recliner swivel rocker made in Canada – thank you).

Then we tooted off  to supper at Boaz Sushi on the West Side of Saint John. So Good! This photo shows Deep Fried California Roll, Spider Roll (with deep fried clams), Spicy Crab Roll (very spicy) and classic California Roll. I love this place.Sushi at Boaz (deep fried California Roll, Spider Roll, Spicy Crab Roll and classic California Roll

After supper, we drove down to the Reversing Falls Park and walked down to the river’s edge. It was very high and dirty from the spring freshet. A kiss to Spring. All the birds were singing, it was sunny and warm. What a lovely afternoon. And then we headed off to Harbour High School for an evening of Fiddler on the Roof. Great Day – got to spend the best parts with my wife.

Fiddler 3

   Fiddler 1Fiddler 2