stained glass

Tuesday – Box 5 Day

Got up early and left Havelock at 6:00 am. Dad was still in bed but I woke him to say good buy. The drive to Saint John was absolutely beautiful. Early morning clouds, feathered in taupe brown against a green/yellow sunrise. Wish I had a camera for moments like that. Regardless, a nice day was on the way.

Worked until 3:30 and then home to start box #5 (Blue Ripple). Finished by 7:30. It went well. Measurements were good and fit was precise but still it is difficult to get the box together exactly square…there always seems to be something a bit askew. I think a 3-D jig might have helped. Nevertheless, I am pleased and the blue ripple glass goes great with the wavy clear.

Box #5 Blue Ripple

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