stained glass

Step 6: Foiling

Normally I’ll have a panel reassembled before foiling unless space is an issue (as in this case). It’s quite a long panel and to have it assembled for foiling would mean using a 3 foot glass table base for the pattern and glass. My foiling space is preferably near the TV in the family room where, at the moment, the Christmas tree is taking precedence. Solution: foil the panel unassembled. Since each piece is unique and only goes in one place, assembly is easy. So, for foiling purposes, I’ll save space by bunching all the individual pieces together in small containers and just foiling away, enjoying Netflix Christmas movies, until all pieces are done. Then I can reassemble on the studio table for step 7.

Foiling has to be my favorite steps in the process…I just love the slow careful finger work… its so relaxing… so long as my eyes and fingers continue to behave, I could foil forever. This project has some very deep curves including one drilled hole in the letter “g” which slows the process down but also extends the enjoyment time (happy face).

Total time foiling: 10 hrs total
Letters and border @3 hrs.
Background @ 7 hrs.

Next: Step 7 Soldering

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