stained glass

Step 5: Washing

Now that the entire panel is fitting snugly, the next task is to wash every piece to get off all the grinder dust which can be stubborn like dried paste. Unless the edges of the glass are super clean, the copper foil won’t stick and that would be a big problem.

Happily, this is a short quick step in the process and a delightful one at that as you see the glass sparkle after a fresh washing.

I like to wash and dry the entire panel in sequential order to make it quicker to reassemble before foiling and to prevent mixing up pieces that are nearly identical. However, with this project, each piece is unique from all the others (126 pieces total) so there’s no risk of mixing up pieces and therefore no need to reassemble the panel until after foiling. Nevertheless, I wash in sequence.

Total hours for washing = 1 hour.

Next: Step 6 Foiling


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