stained glass

Step 4: Grinding

Before I can cut and fit the background pieces, I have to have the letters ground smooth and fitting in their place (then I can fit the background pieces accurately around the letters). So time to grind! 🙂
Three hours today and a little last evening had the letters fitting in place. Grinding is very much a “stand in one place and pay attention to what your fingers are doing” step (my fingernails are often mangled from getting too close). It’s also very therapeutic. The whir of the spinning motor and the hiss of the glass against the diamond bit drowns out most other sounds and allows your mind to go numb. I honestly can’t tell you what I think about during the grind but I completely enjoy the task so it must be something good.

Step 3 and 4 are often completed sequentially and in their entirety where all the cutting is done first and then all the grinding. Just as often, however, I go back and forth between steps 3 and 4 developing the parrern as individual pieces or larger sections are cut and ground right away… as in this case.

Enough for one day. We’re heading out to deliver and put up a Christmas tree for a dear old friend of ours in the city. She loves Christmas so much and we love seeing her giggle like a child when the lights are turned on. That always brings out the Christmas spirit.
Tomorrow, it’s back to step 3 again to cut out the background and then step 4 to grind it to fit.

Grinding time for this project: letters and border @ 3 hours and background @ 7 hours = 10 hrs total.

Next: Step 5 Washing


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