stained glass

Step 3: Cutting

A very happy 4 hours spent cutting glass in my studio this morning. While Monica and our daughter, Sarah, baked Christmas cookies in the kitchen, I started on the rough cut of the letters for my “nellyglass studio” sign. The work felt important, positive and uplifting… who wouldn’t enjoy that? Part of the fun was choosing which colors for which letters to produce a harmonious but unpredictable flow of color across the piece. I love the artistry of free imagination. So many possibilities! And I love the sound of scratching glass with the carbide cutter and then the “snap” as you break the glass along the score line.

The cutting is not done yet. I’ve still got the background and the rest of the border to do. However, that’s for another day… right now it’s feet up to play with photos and record the journey so far… and maybe enjoy a Christmas cookie (or two). I’ll continue to add photos as the process continues.

Total tracing and cutting time for this project (letters and background)= 7 hours.

Next: Step 4 Grinding



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