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Birthday on last day at work… reason enough to celebrate?

You bet it was! That has to go down to one of the funnest deck parties we’ve ever had. The weather was perfect. Ryan came home from Fredericton! Sarah and Matt and Deacon (150 lb Rottweiler) came to our house and we all kicked in for a family-only celebration on the back deck. Ryan and I waited for others to arrive under bright cloudless skies and warm sunshine excellent for spiritual healing. Arrival of Sarah and Matt signaled the official start. With the bar now open, cocktails included El Dorado Spiced rum on ice … saved from St. Martin last February. Ryan and I partook, most happily. Also gluten free munchies for me (veggie sticks) and try-to-avoid-fail munchies (ripple chips) for the kids. Sneaking snacks to Deacon was a game of trying not to get your entire hand swallowed along with the chip 🙂 What a wonderful dog. Magnificent.

Humbly, I profess I was totally spoiled and am so appreciative of the great gifts I received from everyone (thanks for the wine, Marlene 🙂 thanks for everything kids, thanks Honey…love my card).IMG_7762

Monica had master-menued a beautiful meal with grilled striploin steak, fried mushrooms and onions, baked potato, boiled corn with cilantro butter, herb butter shrimp and lots of rolls. Ever have a 150-lb Rottweiler stare at you while you’re eating your steak? knowing that if he really wanted it, there would be nothing you could do to stop him…so I bribed his loyalty with bits of everything as much as I could get away with. (is that sort of like spoiling the grandchild?)

I am so blessed to have my family surround me to wish me well for my birthday and my last day in the office. I’m on vacation for the next three weeks and then officially retired from NBCC. It has been a wonderful career at NBCC… truly. I have learned so much and done so many interesting things during my 16 years there. Now my journey of learning continues into the world of stained glass as I pursue the skills of the craft to hopefully one day become a master glass craftsman… and then we’ll see where it takes me from there. God willing, I can spend the rest of my life finding out.

Thank you Monica, Ryan, Sarah, Matt and Deacon for celebrating my day with me. I love you all…. you know that, of course.

One reply on “Birthday on last day at work… reason enough to celebrate?”

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. And oh the food. Looks fabulous. Love your write up. You will certainly be a pro at the stained glass Nelse. Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement.

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