Lovely Late August

The weather was perfect for company this weekend. Our good friends Maneau and Jake came to visit us in Saint John … to celebrate my birthday and enjoy the excellent Goldilocks temperature on our back deck – not too hot, not too cold. The wine flowed freely as we laughed and sang the night away (Foo Fighters/Quebec/Lightning/Danger/Survived). Great fun and equally great memories.

Next morning after breakfast, Maneau and Jake (and Stella, the golden lab princess) departed for home and Monica and I decided to go for an afternoon hike to get some exercise and strengthen the leg muscles for Ireland. Destination… Bald Mountain in Welsford… I was excited to show this natural wonder to Monica and this time, we’re doing the whole trail including Trail B = moderate and Trail C = Difficult! = absolutely stunningly beautiful. Here is the 24 hr photo reel:

2 replies on “Lovely Late August”

Wow, beautiful rock formations. Looks like you guys will be in shape for your trip to Ireland! Looks like great food and drinks with your good friends too.

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